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Audio Enhancers Recent News and Information

PRESS RELEASE: August 24, 2005
Audio Enhancers Ranked One of Top 50 Fastest-Growing Companies

Audio Enhancers was among the top 50 Tennessee companies with the fastest revenue growth in 2004, according to Business Tennessee magazine’s second annual “Top 50” report conducted in August, 2005.

“This is a positive indication for our company and is in line with our projected growth objectives,” said Ted Sharp, president of Audio Enhancers. “We’re pleased to be one of Tennessee’s leading companies.”

Audio Enhancers is an audio enclosure provider with a reputation for being the technology leader in the industry. During the past 23 years, Audio Enhancers has been supplying car speaker cabinets to over 750 dealers, eighth distributors and OEM recommended manufactures. Revenue has risen 25% annually in recent years. “I see future growth coming from more work for original equipment manufacturers,” shared Sharp, “and from new catalogs and bulk mailers.”

Business Tennessee magazine regularly ranks businesses in its publication. The magazine’s popular “Fast 50” second annual listing highlighted companies in various fields, of different sizes and from several different regions of the state. The report recognized companies that generated $1.8 billion of sales in 2004, with a mean revenue of $7 million and an average rate of revenue growth at 74%. Conducted by an independent accounting firm, the listing cited 50 companies with the fastest revenue growth based on self-reported data from companies submitting nomination forms. To qualify for selection, companies had to be privately owned, not a division of any other company, headquartered in Tennessee, employ at least five people and generate at least $750,000 of revenue.

Business Tennessee magazine, based in Nashville, Tennessee, provides business and political decision-makers with regional reports on the people and issues that define and shape Tennessee. Business Tennessee is recognized each year with national awards for excellence.

Audio Enhancers, based in Ardmore, Tennessee, is an international provider of a wide selection of audio speaker cabinets, boasting the world’s largest selection of vehicle-specific and driver-specific models. Offering a 100% product satisfaction guarantee and a superior level of personal service, the company is a veteran in the industry, serving clients since 1982. Audio Enhancers is a member of the Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA) and the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association (MERA).

For more information, about about Audio Enhancers, please contact Johanna Sharp at 866.775.7269 (SPKR.BOX) or visit the company’s web site at

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