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Nissan Frontier Subwoofer Box

NFC55 Speaker Enclosure


Speaker/Subwoofer Enclosure Specifications
♦Single 8" or 10" Subwoofer Box
♦Down Firing Enclosure
♦Platinum Spring Loaded Terminal
♦100% American-made GREEN enclosure
Installation: Fits under rear seat passenger side. Must remove storage tray. Jack stays in factory location. Mounting depth may require shallow mount only.

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Front H
Rear H
5 1/2"
3 1/4"



Fits the Following Vehicles
♦05-20 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab

Other Models Available

Customer Reviews

"This thing rocks. It fits perfect, looks awesome, but most of all, sounds great. Dropped a low-pro MB Quart Reference RLP254 10" Flat Woofer 300 Watts RMS in it, filled the voids with polyfill and it booms. Powering it with one of this Pioneer GM-D7500M. Not kill the neighbors loud but good enough for any reasonable person to listen to music and very high volumes. It easily surpasses my 50w RMS 4-channel with Polk components." - C. Meadowson

"Fits perfectly under my 2005 Frontier and the sound quality is great!" - Zackon

"I've had this small box a little over 2 months and it had performed excellent. I paired it with a 10 in Kicker shallow mount subwoofer. I do get a tight, precise bass notes using a Polk 5 channel amp. Getting around 350 watts at of the amp. I did tune the subwoofer at 80 Hz. I listen to mostly rock, alternative and metal is perfect. If you are looking for something to boom like rap music, reggae I would look for something bigger." R Velezon

"Fit well in my wife's Frontier a 2015 model using a Fosgate older r2 Prime subwoofer sounds very good." - T. Hansen

"Fits great. I used a 10" kicker rt10. Never expected it to sound so good. " - Adam

"Great fit under the back seat of my 2012 Suzuki equator, no issues at all. Sounds good." - Corey A.



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(Vb) - Air Volume
per Sub - cu. ft.
Mounting Depth
Hole Openings
Cut Out D
Box Type
Dlr Price
4 1/4"
7 1/8" for 8"
Nissan Truck Sealed
NFC55C10 .55 4 1/4" 1-10" 9 1/8 for 10" Nissan Truck Sealed Carpeted Login
NFC55R8 .55 4 1/4" 1-8" 7 1/8" for 8" Nissan Truck Sealed Raw Login
NFC55R10 .55
4 1/4"
9 1/8 for 10"
Nissan Truck Sealed Raw Login