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Toyota Tacoma Subwoofer Box

TAC140 Speaker Enclosure - Previously TAC165


Speaker/Subwoofer Enclosure Specifications
♦Dual 10" or 12" Subwoofer Box
♦Forward Firing Enclosure
♦Platinum Spring Loaded Terminal
♦100% American-made GREEN enclosure
Installation Comments: Fits behind the rear seat, remove all plastic storage behind rear seat, as well as rear plastic cover. Sit cabinet in place, raise the back of the seat slightly, cabinet will drop into place. Tight fit. Some truck models may need the plastic panels removed from the back of the seat. Child restrains brackets stay.

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Top Depth
Bottom Depth
48 1/2"
14 1/8"
2 1/4"
7 3/8"



Fits the Following Vehicles
♦05-20 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab
*Does not fit Access Cab with small rear-hinged doors

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Customer Reviews

"it fits perfect and the price is right!" - antonio123

"I was looking all internet for this subbox and finally i find it here.
If you plaining to upgrade your sound system, this box has to be in your tacoma.
i used Rockford Fosgate Punch P3 P3SD212 Shallow 12-Inch subwoofer for this box work perfect. you have to remove all plastic storage behind rear seat also rear seat plastic cover has to go too. what else i can recoment you.....I used rear seat below space to install my 2 amplifier as well my 2 faraid capacitor( only fit 1 capacitor) i hope this review help you. i was looking this type of information but i din't fined." - Ulises

"very nice. fits great,you do have to take the plastic backing off the back of the seat." j. oakley

"Great box, but make sure your subs have a top mounting depth of less then 5 5/16 or it will not pit. Installing it was hard I had to take out all the back seats but I feel it was worth it. also if you are going to wire your subs together in series or parallel there is no hole inside the box to connect them so you have to run a cable out side of the box. But over it is a great box" - Zbeydoan

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Other Available Photos

(Vb) - Air Volume
per Sub - cu. ft.
Total Cu. Ft.
Mounting Depth
Hole Openings
Cut Out D
Box Type
Dlr Price
.70 1.40
10" - 5 7/8"

9 1/8 for 10"

Toyota Truck-Sealed
TAC140C12 .70 1.40 12" - 5 5/16" 2-12" 11 1/8 for 12" Toyota Truck-Sealed Carpeted Login
TAC140R10 .70 1.40 10" - 5 7/8" 2-10" 9 1/8 for 10" Toyota Truck-Sealed Raw Login
TAC140R12 .70 1.40 12" - 5 5/16" 2-12"

11 1/8 for 12"

Toyota Truck-Sealed Raw Login